LCCC Residents' Magazine : Summer 2024

Thinking of fostering?

If you are thinking about fostering why not get in touch with HSC NI Foster Care who can help you decide whether fostering is right for you and your family.

Every child and young person deserves to live in a stable and nurturing home where they can develop and are encouraged to reach their potential. 

Foster carers are ordinary people who do an incredible thing by supporting a child/young person when they need it most. They come from a range of backgrounds, offering different skills and attributes to meet the needs of each child and young person. 

If you are a good listener, patient, understanding and caring, you already have many of the qualities to make a great foster carer. 

HSC NI Foster Care strives to recruit more foster carers across all communities in Northern Ireland to enable children and young people to remain within their local community when they cannot live with their birth family. 

The benefits are: they can maintain contact with their friends, maintain their interests and hobbies and avoid travelling longer distances to school. 

There are different ways you can help depending on your lifestyle and family circumstances as not all foster care requires a full-time commitment. 

HSC NI Foster Care particularly needs more foster carers for sibling groups, teenagers and children/young people with disabilities or complex needs.

You can foster whether you are married, have a partner or are single, you work, you own or rent your home, or whether you are a parent or not. HSC NI Foster Care welcomes enquiries from people regardless of race, religion, language, culture, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation. 

HSC NI foster carers receive a wide range of training, 24/7 support, ongoing development opportunities and financial allowances. 

Could you give a child a brighter future? Could you foster? Call 0800 0720 137 or visit the HSCNI website to find out more.

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