LCCC Residents' Magazine : Summer 2024

Recycle your food and garden waste

Now that our gardens are in full growth, lots of us will be busy mowing, cutting, pruning and weeding. It’s important to recycle the right materials in your brown bin and avoid contamination.

Yes please

  • grass and leaves
  • cuttings and prunings
  • shrubs and weeds
  • twigs and branches
  • small amounts of soil

No thanks

  • plastic packaging 
  • plant pots 
  • plastic bags 
  • sods
  • large amounts of soil
  • stones, rocks and rubble 
  • non-native invasion plants e.g. Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed

Recycle your food waste 

We all create some food waste – from coffee grounds and banana skins to eggshells and plate scrapings, it all adds up. It’s important to recycle all our food waste, even small amounts.

When we recycle our food and garden waste in the brown bin it is turned into valuable compost, so it’s important to recycle the right materials and avoid contamination.

Check the Binformation hub for more information on recycling