LCCC Residents' Magazine : Summer 2024

TAKE CARE in the garden this summer

When the weather starts to improve we all look to spend more time outdoors. This may involve going to the park or spending time in your own garden or that of a friend or relative.  

We want everyone to stay safe in the garden so be sure to read our top tips below.

Toddlers can drown in an inch (3cms) of water! Look out for plant pots and sand pit lids that can fill with rainwater. It is best to store containers upside down. 

Avoid injury to adults and children - make sure sharp gardening tools are in good repair and safely tidied/ locked away.

Keep fence gates secured when young children are playing.

Electric powered tools and mowers should be used with a Residual Current Device (RCD) to protect against electrocution.

Check for poisonous plants such as those having berries which may be attractive to children - your local garden centre will help find them.

Always store chemicals in their original containers, safely out of sight and reach of children.

Remove animal droppings promptly and carefully as they may carry harmful diseases.

Ensure play equipment is in good repair and located on a soft surface with clear space around it.


View garden safety videos online using this link


If you are over 65, have a disability/vulnerability or have children under 5, please phone our team on 028 9244 7394 to book your free home safety visit.  Find out more online using this link