LCCC Residents' Magazine : Summer 2024

Fun in the sun

When the sun shines many of us think about going on a picnic or lighting a barbecue.

What we don’t always consider when the sun is out is to apply sunscreen.  

It is important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays even if you see some clouds in the sky.

Stay safe and apply sunscreen to you and your loved ones so the only memories you have of a great day are ‘fun and sun’ and not ‘sun and burn’.

Alongside the Public Health Agency, Cancer Focus NI works to reduce skin cancer and resulting deaths in Northern Ireland. Read more on this link

Read more on taking care in the sun using this link



If having a BBQ or a picnic, please make sure to:

  • keep your food cool before eating and/or cooking
  • cook your meat thoroughly so juices run clear
  • put all leftovers in the fridge as soon as possible

Read more on barbecue and picnic food safety advice using this link