LCCC Residents' Magazine : winter 2023

New sustainable refill store hits Lisburn city centre

Located in Market Square, Lisburn, Sonas is the first ever refill store and café to come to Lisburn and Castlereagh.

Sonas (which is Gaelic for “happiness”) is redefining the local grocery store experience by ditching the plastic and serving customers top quality, organic handpicked produced from local sources. Lisburn co-founder, Julie Hoey, said: “Our commitment to sustainability drives every decision we make and we’re encouraging others to say goodbye to overbuying and wastefulness.”


“We're big on refillable and packaging-free products. At Sonas, you can save money by getting exactly what you need. Fill up your own containers or borrow from us and enjoy better, tastier food.”


Sonas benefitted from the council’s Urban Investment Fund and Heritage Shopfront Scheme, which provided funding to help refurbish the shop and bring signage inline with conservation guidelines.


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