LCCC Residents' Magazine : winter 2023

A week of Vitality Membership

Vitality Membership is a great way to keep active and have fun – no matter what your age or stage of life! Don’t believe us? Read how this Lisburn family use their Vitality Household Membership to the max and make fun memories every single week of the year.

Krystal and Neil Anderson, along with their three children, Ethan (12), Sophie (9) and Chloe (7) have been Vitality Members for more than a year.  Krystal says:

“As a family, we’re trying to be more active and feel that the Vitality Household Membership allows us to do that, without costing a fortune. All the kids have the opportunity to try out lots of different sports and then attend their favourite classes.

“Neil and I also find it so much easier to book classes via the Vitality Member App than pay for a monthly gym membership, something we did in the past but then never used.”

Here’s what their average week looks like:


Ethan and the girls attend dodgeball at Lagan Valley LeisurePlex in the afternoon. Krystal said: “After a day of sitting in school, I love that they have the chance to enjoy some exercise and have fun before starting homework. They all sleep much better on a Monday night as well!”


Neil usually books a squash court with one of his friends for a 40-minute session at Lagan Valley LeisurePlex or nearby Lough Moss Leisure Centre.


All the kids enjoy basketball at Grove Activity Centre on Wednesday evenings (where there are two different age groups to choose from), while Krystal attends Aquafit in Lagan Valley LeisurePlex. Sometimes they mix it up and all head for some archery at Kilmakee Activity Centre instead.


Neil takes the kids to play 60 minutes of pickleball at Lagan Valley LeisurePlex. Vitality Members can enjoy one free session per day as part of their membership.



On a Friday, the kids head to youth club or the Family Fun Session at Grove Activity Centre if they aren’t too tired from a busy week at school. Family Fun Sessions are available at Lough Moss Leisure Centre, Glenmore Activity Centre, Grove Activity Centre and Kilmakee Activity Centre.

Saturday and Sunday

On some weekends, Krystal, Neil and the kids enjoy a trip to Lagan Valley LeisurePlex for a family swim session in the Leisure Pool. Krystal says: “Everyone loves the lazy river! Once a month, we will also meet up with some of Sophie and Chloe's friends and head to Dundonald International Ice Bowl to go ice skating followed by tenpin bowling. Or, as a family, we all enjoy bowling and then take the kids to Indiana Land so Neil and I can have a rest and a cuppa.”

"The girls love the Xtreme Bowling Sessions and often perform their favourite songs and have a singalong at the DJ station. The kids love that they get a wee treat for their performances from the DJ!”

Neil says: “Having all these activities as part of our Vitality Membership saves us a fortune - meaning we can head out and enjoy a family meal afterwards. That’s a real treat in these harder economic times and gives us both a day off cooking!

“The staff and coaches are always so helpful at all the sessions and centres. Several of our friends are also members so, when the kids are off school and it’s raining outside, we meet up and the kids enjoy a class together while the parents get a cuppa and have a catch up.”

Vitality Membership

Vitality Members can enjoy an extensive range of activities, classes and courses to suit adults and children of all ages. It’s the perfect option for anyone planning a family day out.

As a member, you can enjoy free classes and sessions at all of the council’s leisure facilities including Lagan Valley LeisurePlex, Dundonald International Ice Bowl, Lough Moss Leisure Centre, Glenmore, Grove and Kilmakee Activity Centres and Billy Neill MBE Country Park.

Also included in the membership package are Mission Inflatable, lane swimming, racquet sports and the health suite.

Our Vitality Household Membership is £49 per month for up to 2 adults and 5 children living in the same household. Individual membership rates and a range of concession packages are also available.

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