LCCC Residents' Magazine : winter 2023

Council adopts first Local Development Plan

The council has adopted its first Local Development Plan strategy, a 15-year framework which explains how our city will grow and change between now and 2032.

Councillor John Laverty BEM, Chair of the council’s Regeneration and Growth Committee said: “The area plan demonstrates how we want to create a healthy and prosperous city, in line with our Community Plan.

“Our plans work together to improve the wellbeing of those who live or work here – while attracting visitors and investors.”

Alderman Martin Gregg, Chair of the council's Planning Committee added:  “I look forward to presiding over the implementation of the new Local Development Plan. I particularly welcome the ambitious 20% affordable housing target to meet the growing needs of our population. The plan brings clarity to the much contested residential development in rural areas.  It creates huge opportunities, specifically in West Lisburn, by changing this formally designated employment land to mixed-use.”  

The plan has six themes we want to build on:

A Quality Place: Linking with our Community Plan, we will ensure development proposals are in the right places. We want to see over 12,000 new homes built including affordable housing.

A Thriving Place: Our location provides investment prospects to support job opportunities close to where people live.  We have identified key employment and development locations across the city.

A Vibrant Place: We can realise the potential of our city and town centres through a mix of shopping, employment, office development and leisure/community uses.

An Attractive Place: Tourism is a key growth area for our city. Our new state-of-the-art facility at Dundonald International Ice Bowl will be the only one of its kind in Northern Ireland, just like Hillsborough Castle.

A Green Place: We will safeguard our rich variety of historic and natural heritage assets for future generations to maintain the distinctiveness and attractiveness of the area.

A Connected Place: We support a quality integrated transport network from ports and airports as well as more sustainable transport modes along strategic greenways.

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