Waste type:

  • Household metal packaging
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic pots, tubs, trays and bottles

Where does it go:

Instructions / advice:

Easter Egg packaging includes, a cardboard box, a plastic tray or plastic box and foil.

Separate the cardboard from the plastic trays and crumple foil into a ball shape

All of these items can go in the:

Mixed Dry Recycling Bin: https://www.lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk/resident/bins-and-recycling/household-waste/bins-and-boxes/mixed-dry-recycling-bin


Kerbie Boxes: https://www.lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk/resident/bins-and-recycling/household-waste/bins-and-boxes/kerbie-box


Wheelie Boxes: https://www.lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk/resident/bins-and-recycling/household-waste/bins-and-boxes/wheelie-box

Choose products with less packaging where possible.

Any ribbons or plastic sweet wrappers should be put in your Landfill bin or the ribbons can be reused for crafts.