Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is supporting the new campaign from Recycle Now to encourage homes in Northern Ireland to recycle their food waste.

In Northern Ireland 80% of people recycle their food waste, which is great, but there is room for improvement. Latest estimates show that a third of the average general waste bin is still made up of food. 

Councillor Caleb McCready, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee, said: “We are pleased to support this campaign to encourage our residents to always put their food waste in their kitchen caddy and brown bin.

"For unavoidable and inedible items, make your food waste caddy your go-to bin. Even small amounts, like vegetable stalks, banana skins, apple cores, eggshells, chicken bones and coffee grounds, can be recycled.  We can turn this inedible food waste into compost through the power of the kitchen caddy!” 

Craig Stephens, Senior Campaign Manager, Recycle Now, said: “The importance of this campaign is getting as many people as possible within Lisburn & Castlereagh to first use the food they buy and then utilise their food caddy and stop putting food waste in the general rubbish bin. 

"The resources that go into producing our food - the water, the transportation and the energy to chill foods from farm to factory and into our kitchens are also wasted when we throw food away. We need to raise awareness of the cost to households and the environment of needlessly putting food in the rubbish bin. By using all the food we buy and recycling the inedible parts, you can save money and create compost instead.”

Recycling doesn’t have to be confusing. To find out more visit: Recycle your food waste

For information on where you can get a kitchen caddy or what you can put in your kitchen caddy and brown bin, visit our website.