Purpose of the Local Policies Plan

The Local Policies Plan (LPP) is the second part of the two stage local development plan process.  Its purpose is to set out our local policies and site specific proposals in relation to the development and use of land in its district.

We must prepare our LPP after our Plan Strategy has been adopted. Our LPP must be consistent with our plan strategy.

Suggested structure for Local Policies Plan

This suggested structure is based on Development Plan Practice Note DPPN 8 The Local Policies Plan.

  1. Local Policies Plan - linked to our community plan.
  2. Policy context - must be consistent with the Plan Strategy and take into account the RDS and prevailing planning policy, any other advice and guidance issued by the Department or where a council considers relevant.
  3. Local topic based policies and proposals including reasoned justification.  These should implement a council's objectives whilst taking account of the requirements set out by the Plan Strategy, the regional planning framework such as RDS and SPPS, our current community plan and other issues as considered relevant to the plan area.
  4. Maps- including maps to show local site-specific proposals, zonings, environmental designations, local transportation network including protected routes etc.
  5. Measures for monitoring and review.

Next steps - monitoring and review

Section 3 of the 2011 Act sets out the survey and information which a council must keep under review. Therefore in considering what has been examined at IE, a council must undertake comprehensive and reliable monitoring of the PS in order to establish how the objectives are being achieved and determine whether any changes are required to ensure the continued delivery of the PS.

We have identified a range of different requirements within the monitoring framework (see Part 1 Appendix E, Monitoring Framework). This will assist in the plan, monitor manage approach advocated by the SPPS and in ongoing review of evidence base which inform emerging draft policies to be contained within the LPP.

The successful monitoring and review of the PS framework will then assist and inform the content and details which should be provided in the LPP monitoring framework.

Review and update of evidence base

We will review the evidence base which was submitted alongside the draft Plan Strategy where necessary, to ensure it is up-to-date for the LPP.

This will inform the policies and proposals contained within the LPP, such as housing and employment zonings, natural heritage designations, and transport routes/proposals which will be set out in the accompanying Local Transport Plan prepared by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI).