Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh

Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh consists of 12 Executive Members who are elected annually from representatives of local sporting groups.

The committee strives to offer a positive sporting experience for all ages within the council area. 

It also assists and acknowledges residents who have achieved success in their chosen sport, whether it is at a local or international level. 

You will find information on its programmes using the links below.

Grant Aid

The grant aid programme provides financial help to athletes or sports clubs who require help with competition expenses.

Applicants must reside in the Lisburn & Castlereagh area. The grant covers accommodation and travel for competitions outside of Northern Ireland.

Guide to Grant Aid

Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh is financially supported by Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council (LCCC) to enable it to encourage, advise and support the development of sport in Lisburn and Castlereagh.

The decision of Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh is final and all grants are subject to audit by us.

Grants will only be offered to Sports Clubs in our area that are affiliated to Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh.

Grants to individuals will only be considered if they have a permanent address in the LCCC area and participate in sporting activities which are not for profit.

Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh will only forward grant payment on delivery of relevant receipts, which correspond to the original grant application. Payment will not be made prior to the event. 

Points to note:

  • all requests must be submitted on official application forms, fully completed and with appropriate signatures and National Governing Body support. Note that there are separate forms for club and individual applications
  • Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh will acknowledge all requests and will not consider grant aid in retrospect
  • the amount of financial assistance received or applied for in the previous 12 months from other sources (such as Lottery Sports Fund, Mary Peters Trust, National Governing Body, Educational Establishment) and sponsorship must be declared and will be taken into account when considering grant requests
  • Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh must relate the amount of grant applied for to its financial resources and needs at the time of an application
  • if the application is from a club, a current constitution and most recent audited accounts must be submitted.  Where these may not be available Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh will require a satisfactory explanation before considering the application.
  • any member of Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh must declare their interest in a submission for grant aid
  • a club or individual can make only one successful application for grant aid in any 12 month period 
  • only fully completed applications will be considered

Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh must be recognised in all press release and social media content.

Applications will be considered from individuals who have a permanent residence in our area as follows:

1.   Competitions outside Northern Ireland where they have been selected by their Governing Body or qualified to represent their sport at national level or above.  Grant may include travel, accommodation and entry fee.  Personal clothing and equipment will not be considered.

2.    Course fees that lead to UKCC Level 1 qualification or above.  Where the course is based outside Northern Ireland travel and accommodation may also be considered.

3.    Training/preparation which is clearly a requirement as part of a national squad development and is based outside Northern Ireland.

4.    Grant aid may be considered for other aspects of coaches’, officials’ and competitors’ development.  A case must be submitted in detail for consideration with the support of the Governing Body.

N.B When a number of individual applications are received for financial assistance to travel to the same venue/competition Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh may consider the application as one.

Applications will be considered from affiliated clubs as follows:

1.    Competitions/events outside Northern Ireland where the club has qualified or been selected by their Governing Body.  Grant may include competition fees, travel and accommodation.

2.    A newly established open club which is providing a new opportunity for sport participation in our area.  This is a one off grant which may be used for resources, hiring of facilities, coaching etc.

3.   Special events which are innovative and promote greater participation for those residing in our area.

 Download Individual Application form 

Download Club Application form

Sending your forms to us

Please return completed individual or club applications by email to either or 


leave them to the reception of Lagan Valley LeisurePlex for the attention of Julie Patton or the reception of Lough Moss Leisure Centre for the attention of Faron Morrison.

Vitality Elite Athlete Club

The Elite Athlete Club provides eligible athletes with 12 month membership providing free entry to the gym and swimming pool at our leisure facilities to use on an individual basis.

We want to support athletes with their training by helping them fulfil their fitness and strength & conditioning goals on a complimentary basis in recognition of their achievements.

The programme is open to those who can demonstrate their sporting success performing at Ulster, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Great Britain or County level. They must also reside within the Lisburn & Castlereagh area.

Success applicants get free access to these leisure facilities:

  • Lagan Valley LeisurePlex (gym and 25m pool)
  • Lough Moss Leisure Centre (gym)
  • Glenmore Activity Centre (gym)
  • Grove Activity Centre (gym)
  • Kilmakee Activity Centre (gym)
  • Billy Neill MBE Country Park (gym)


  1.  Sports persons must be aged 15 years or above and reside in our area.
  2.  Sports persons must be amateur and involved in an amateur sport recognised by Sport NI.
  3.  Sports persons must have attained representative level within the preceding 12 months prior to application. 
  4.  Sports persons must have represented either Ireland, Ulster, or if their particular sport is administered and organised on a six county basis, Northern Ireland.  Representation on a Great Britain team or County GAA team is also acceptable.  If National teams are not selected in particular sports, then individuals who have attained national champion status will also be considered.
  5.  Consideration will be given to sports persons who have represented their country at either schools, junior or senior levels.
  6.  Sports persons who are receiving Lottery funding through the Development of Talented Individuals Programme or the Goldcard Scheme are not eligible to apply.

Administrative arrangements

  • application forms are available from our Sports Development Unit or apply using the button below
  • all applications will be considered by the Executive Committee of Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh
  • all members will receive a Vitality Elite Athlete Card providing unlimited access for 12 months to use in the council leisure facilities identified
  • the Vitality Elite Athlete Card will be valid for one year from the date of receipt, is non-transferable, and must be used exclusively by the individual to whom they were issued. ID must be shown on every visit
  • replacement cards must be paid for by the individual member
  • as a precondition of receiving the Vitality Elite Athlete Membership Card, athletes will be expected to provide a testimony during the year of their membership in the club

Download form here

Sending your form to us

Please return your completed application by email to either or 


leave them to the reception of Lagan Valley LeisurePlex for the attention of Julie Patton or the reception of Lough Moss Leisure Centre for the attention of Faron Morrison.

Sports Personality of the Month

Nominations now OPEN for April and May 2024. Click here to make a nomination.

Each month, Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh in partnership with Vitality Membership recognise the achievements and dedication of sporting people in the council area. 

Nominations are received from individuals who have performed exceptionally in their sport or gained a notable achievement.

The winners are selected each month by the Sport Lisburn & Castlereagh Committee and a £100 cheque is awarded to each successful winner. 

Please note the following, nominees must be residents of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council. 

Multiple nominations are not permitted. 

The month in which the achievement occurred must be specified for the nomination to be considered. 

Check out the winners to date below:

Archer- Erin Lunney

Basketball player- Fiontan Rogers

Golfer - Fionn Dobbin

Gymnast - David Martelli

Ice skater- Adam Rajab 

Athlete- Heather Patterson 

Trampoline athlete- Jacob Dumigan 

Para athlete- Siomha Brady 

Fencer- Beth Taylor 

Athlete- Joe Stewart 

Assisted runner- Aaron Kerr 

Athlete- Arnar Brynjarson 

National cyclocross champion- Emer Heverin 

Ice hockey- Ellie Patrick 

Badminton- Paige Woods 

Archer- Molly McCormick 

Tennis player- Jack McMahan 

Polo player- Hannah Taylor 

Tennis player- Isabella Connor 

Tennis player- Carlie McVeigh 

Trampolinist-Jay Downey 

Open water swimmer- Jessika Robson 

Taekwondoin - Laura Burns

Triathlete - John Jackson