As a council we are keen to raise awareness of good causes.  One way we can do this is to light our civic headquarters up in the nominated colour.

If you would like to make a request to recognise your charitable cause please email us at with details of the cause, your charity number, preferred date of illumination and colour.

Please note building illumination requests must be submitted 2 months in advance of the preferred date to be considered. This will then be considered by us.

Please click the relevant month above to see our agreed illuminations.



Date Organisation Cause Colour
27/01/24 LCCC Holocaust Memorial Day Purple


No agreed light ups yet for 2024.


Date Organisation Cause Colour
1/03/24 Endometriosis Ireland   Endometriosis Awareness Month Yellow
3/03/24 Marie Curie Day of Reflection Yellow
17/03/24 LCCC St Patrick's Day Green
21/03/24 Families with Ups and Downs Support Group World Down Syndrome Day Blue


Date Organisation Cause Colour
5/04/24 Sarcoidosis UK Sarcoidosis Awareness Month Blue
11/04/24 Parkinson UK NI World Parkinson's Day Blue
19/04/24 CHD International Global Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Day Blue, pink & yellow rotation
24/04/24 Beth Johnson Foundation Global Intergenerational Week Pink



Date Organisation Cause Colour
11/05/24 All Party Group on Fairtrade World Fairtrade Day Yellow, blue & black rotation
12/05/24 The Department of Health International Nurses’ Day Blue
13/05/24 Huntington’s Disease Association NI Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month Blue
20/05/24 HSCNI Foster Care Foster Care Fortnight  Turquoise & Yellow


Date Organisation Cause Colour
01/06/24  Volunteer Now Volunteer Week  Purple
06/06/24 LCCC D-Day 80th Anniversary Commemorations Red
21/06/24 Motor Neurone Disease Association MND Awareness Day Blue



Date Organisation Cause Colour
23/07/24  LCCC Pride Day Rotation


No agreed light ups yet for 2024.


Date Organisation Cause Colour
08/09/24 Air Ambulance NI UK Air Ambulances Week Red
09/09/24 LCCC International Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day Red
10/09/24 LCCC World Suicide Prevention Day Yellow
16/09/24 LCCC Recycle Week Green
20/09/24 LCCC Mitochondrial Awareness Week Green
23/09 to 29/09/24 Public Health Agency Organ Donation Week Pink
27/09/24 Marie Curie  Twilight Walk – “Light up the night” Yellow
29/09/24  National Police Memorial Association National Police Memorial Day Blue
30/09/24 LCCC Childhood Cancer Awareness Day Gold


Date Organisation Cause Colour
01/10/24   Cancer Focus NI Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink
09/10/24 SANDS (Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity) Baby Loss Awareness Week  Blue
10/10/24 AMH New Horizons World Mental Health Day  Purple
21/10/24 Parenting NI  Parenting NI Purple
29/10/24 The Stroke Association World Stroke Day Purple


Date Organisation Cause Colour
11/11/24   Royal British Legion Remembrance Day Red
17/11/24 Tiny Life World Prematurity Day Purple
18/11/24 Pancreatic Cancer UK  Pancreatic Cancer  Purple



Date Organisation Cause Colour
24/12/23 LCCC Christmas Red & green rotation
3/12/24 Disability Action International Day of People with a Disability Purple