The scheme will remain open on a rolling basis within the financial year or until the fund is exhausted.

Our new Community Bursary Scheme is a fund designed to support individuals who live in our area and/or are members of formally governed community and voluntary organisations.  It is to help them access routes to community development/education, sports, music, language and/or culture opportunities.  

In addition, this scheme may provide financial assistance towards the cost of representation of individuals competing at local, national and international level within the context of sport, music, language and/or culture.

The bursaries will be awarded based on merit and will be assessed against the scheme criteria. 

Please read the information on the links above and then apply online using this link.

Scheme objectives

This scheme aims to assist local individuals/members of groups at grass roots level to:

  • increase participation opportunities in sport, music, language and/or culture activities
  • enrich the sporting, music, language and/or cultural abilities among individuals in our area
  • participate, in line with the eligibility criteria on the local, regional, national and international stage, representing Lisburn and Castlereagh
  • increase capacity amongst volunteers in the community and voluntary sector through access to education applicable to the remit of the group
  • improve sustainability of the community and voluntary sector by supporting the development of its members

Applicants must demonstrate


  • they are members of community/voluntary groups based in our area
  • how participation will contribute to either personal development or have wider community benefit
  • how the activity will address broader community issues such as isolation, access to services, social exclusion
  • promotion of community cohesion through participation in sport, music, language and/or cultural activities

Who is eligible to apply for financial assistance?

The Community Bursary Scheme is open to individuals or members of local community/voluntary organisations who live or are based in the council area that meet the following criteria:

  • have confirmation of enrolment
  • organisational applicants should be not-for-profit with a governing document and a bank account in the name of the organisation
  • in the case of minors, parental/guardian permission must be provided

How much is available?

The Community Bursary Scheme has £25,000 available.  Applicants can apply for financial assistance of up to 50% of the total cost of an activity or a maximum of £1,000, whichever is the lesser.  

There is no minimum level of funding.  

Only one application per individual will be considered in any 24 month rolling period.

For further information, please contact Community Services at 028 9244 7713 or email