A significant enhancement to the park and ride facilities in Historic Moira was recommended for approval by our March Planning Committee (4th March). 

The planning application was submitted on behalf of Translink by Holywood-based Gravis Planning, one of Northern Ireland’s leading planning consultancies. 

As part of its proposals, Translink intend to provide a secure 400+ space car park, close to Moira train station. This will help facilitate access to the public transport network for a greater number of travellers. 

In addition, Station Road in the village is to be widened to facilitate a right-hand turning lane into the park and ride facility, while a footpath will provide pedestrian access to the train station. Other improvements include boundary fencing, CCTV, floodlighting, solar panel arrays, a cycle shelter and landscaping. 

Alderman Martin Gregg, Chair of the council’s Planning Committee, said: “We are delighted to have recommended this application for approval. The number of people wanting to live in Historic Moira and the surrounding areas has grown exponentially over the past few years. More people are opting for rural living but can still enjoy relatively short commute times to and from Belfast, other neighbouring towns and even Dublin.

“Park and rides, such as the one at Moira, enable residents to use the public transport network as an alternative to commuting by car. 

This, in turn, helps to drive down congestion and CO2 emissions while positively contributing to the council’s strategic aim of creating better connectivity and shaping quality places in which to work, live and play.” 

At the council’s Planning Committee, the elected members heard that the Department for Infrastructure will in due course improve the right turn from the A26 onto the Station Road.

Aidan Stott Translink Park & Ride Programme Manager said: “We welcome Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council’s decision to approve plans for the extension to the Moira Park and Ride facilities. This enhancement to the current facilities will provide an additional 400+ safe and secure parking spaces beside the existing car park. This will allow more people to enjoy the convenience of taking the train to stay better connected. It will be fully accessible and include new cycle shelters, CCTV, security fencing and low impact floodlighting.

“We will continue to meet high environmental standards during the works on this important new facility in line with our commitment to enhance and protect the local landscape and biodiversity. Subject to funding, Translink expect to be on site Summer 2024.

“Moira Train Station will not be impacted by any potential works. There will also be no 
inconvenience for drivers using the existing Park and Ride facility when work is underway. Public transport plays a vital role in the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Northern Ireland, and helps create a better future for everyone.”

Explanatory note:

There are 489 spaces in the new Park & Ride Car Park. These are 466 standard spaces and 23 disabled spaces. 

There are currently 282 spaces used by passengers at the Moira Train Station. These will now be located in the new car park so the following will no longer be available:

  • 152 spaces removed form Station Road
  • 96 temporary spaces at the restaurant
  • 34 lost due to reconfiguration of the existing car park at the train station

A total of 207 new spaces will be created as result of this planning application approval.