Scheduled for Wednesday, 6 December 2023 at 6:00 PM

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Item number Item title Time
1.0 Apologies 00:02:23
2.0 Declarations of Interest 00:02:42
3.0 Report by the Acting Head of Service (Waste Management and Operational Services) 00:02:58
3.1 Consultation on the Introduction of Mandatory Digital Waste Tracking 00:03:10
3.2 Kerbside Waste Collection Equality Consultation Report 00:10:17
3.3 Consultation on the Proposed Ban of the Manufacture, Supply and Sale of Wet Wipes Containing Plastic 00:27:58
3.4 Eco Schools Request for Financial Support 2024/25 00:28:49
4.0 Report by the Acting Head of Service (Environmental Health, Risk and Emergency Planning) 00:32:54
4.1 Private Tenancies Act (NI) 2022 00:33:12
5.0 Confidential Report by the Acting Director of Environmental Services 00:34:40
5.1 Christmas Car ParkingConfidential
5.2 Estimates Process – Directorate UpdateConfidential
5.3 Tender for the Provision of a Haulage Service for Residual and Green Wastes from Council Household Recycling CentresConfidential
5.4 Tender for the Collection, Transportation, Recycling and/or Recovery of Mattresses from Council Household Recycling CentresConfidential
5.5 Flooding – Support for BusinessesConfidential
5.6 Multiple Dog WalkingConfidential
6.0 Any Other Business 00:35:14
6.1 Person Taking Wood from Blaris Cemetery 00:35:21
6.2 Free Car Parking 00:36:10