Scheduled for Wednesday, 6 March 2024 at 6:00 PM

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Item number Item title Time
1.0 Apologies 00:03:00
2.0 Declarations of Interest 00:03:20
3.0 Report by the Acting Head of Service (Waste Management and Operational Services) 00:03:30
3.1 Consultation on Call for Evidence on Reforming the Producer Responsibility System for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) 00:03:48
4.0 Report by the Acting Head of Service (Environmental Health, Risk and Emergency Planning) 00:04:25
4.1 LCCC – Updated Air Quality Action Plan 00:14:35
5.0 Any Other Business (Agenda item 6.0 refers) 00:16:49
5.1 Litter Issue 00:17:03
5.2 Toy Recycling Scheme 00:18:18
5.3 Condolences – Colin Craig 00:20:42
5.4 Hybrid Meetings 00:22:39
5.5 DEARA Consultation – Rethinking Our Resources, Measures for Climate Action and Circular Economy Northern Ireland 00:34:44
5.6 Welcome Back - Wilfie Muldrew 00:36:02
5.7 Environmental Youth Speak Event 00:36:10
6.0 Confidential Report by the Acting Director of Environmental Services (Agenda item 5.0 refers) 00:36:46
6.1 Arc21 Provision of Services for the Receipt, Storage and Transfer of Municipal Waste Tender (Agenda item 5.1 refers)Confidential
6.2 Tender for the Provision of a Haulage Service for Residual and Green Wastes from Council Household Recycling Centres (Ref STA23/24-040) (Agenda item 5.2 refers)Confidential
7.0 Confidential Any Other BusinessConfidential
7.1 Department for Infrastructure – Flooding Support SchemesConfidential