Lisburn City Centre is bustling with new activity after three new businesses recently opened their doors with more to open in the coming months.

Garretta Hub has opened in Bridge Street. The store includes a creative exhibition space for local artisans and craft enthusiasts as well as owner, Elijah Garrett’s, own clothing brand named Garretta. The shop sells and promotes locally made products while also provides rental shelf space to local entrepreneurs with the aim of fostering a sense of artistic community spirit.

BlackPoint Perfumes has also opened in Bridge Street. The boutique perfume store offers an extensive range of over 200 elegant Eau de Parfum colognes for women and men. Samples are free of charge with 2ml bottles available at only 49p to ensure customers find their perfect enduring signature scent. Its fragrances are completely cruelty free.

Alongside these two retail concept stores, HUXO Italian Restaurant has opened in Bow Street Mall offering a fresh new option for places to eat and for takeaways in the city centre. Situated at the front entrance of the Mall, Huxo dishes up authentic Italian cuisine as well as coffees and cocktails and Italian ice cream by Morellis. Open seven days a week from 9am to 8pm with longer opening hours on certain days.

Chair of Regeneration and Growth Committee, Councillor John Laverty, said that the new retailers and restaurant would elevate the offering in the city.

He said: "These businesses represent a bright step forward for the City Centre. They bring investment, job opportunities, and a sense of community that is vital for our city's growth. We look forward to seeing them thrive and contribute to the vibrancy of our city."