Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is inviting residents to ‘have their say’ in a 12-week equality consultation launched today, linked to its plans for new kerbside waste collections. (03 July 2023)

Councillor Caleb McCready, Chair of the Council’s Environment and Sustainability Committee said: “The council wants to introduce one new waste collection and recycling method across the council area, replacing the three different methods that there are at the moment. Under the new plans, bin colours and sizes will also be consistent – making it easier for everyone to separate their waste and recycle. This will mean less waste going to landfill which is better for the environment and will help meet key recycling targets that have been set for Northern Ireland.

“We want to make sure this new method of collecting waste will work for all our residents, no matter who they are. And so, before we introduce it, we are asking for feedback on any impacts there might be around equality issues.

"With this new system, we are giving residents more space overall in their bins and all collections will be fortnightly. Each household will be given a new larger blue bin to help them recycle more items – including glass - and a smaller black bin for other waste.

"They can continue to use their brown bin for food and garden waste. This is an important and positive step forward for the Council and in today’s world, I think we all understand the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

"A study has shown that more than half the waste put into black (landfill) bins should have been recycled or composted. It costs more to treat and dispose of waste that is contaminated in this way and so it’s important we all use the right bins and help make cost savings for the Council and ratepayers. 

"The council would encourage as many people as possible to go to and give us their views. The consultation can also be found on the council’s social media platforms. If you do not have internet access, a hard copy of the consultation can be requested by calling 028 9244 7300 (option 1) or by

Drop-in Information Session

We are holding a drop-in information session at Moira Methodist Church on Monday 18 September, from 4 to 6pm. Why not call by to find out more and feed into our equality consultation?