We have launched a small scheme to provide 100 tablets to those in its area that need help accessing the internet. We expect this scheme to be oversubscribed and we will assess the applications to ensure there is a fair distribution of the devices across the 7 District Electoral Areas (DEAs).

Residents can apply for a mobile tablet. 

Recipients will, if required, receive support getting connected and be shown how to use some popular apps or email. This project is delivered in partnership with SERC, the Belfast and South Eastern health trusts, Libraries NI, NIHE and EANI.

Please note, this form can be completed by a possible recipient or on their behalf. All recipients must be residents of our area.

Who can apply? - eligibility

This scheme is open to individuals who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • aged 65+
  • in receipt of benefits.  You will be asked to select all that you are in receipt of at the time of application
  • currently in education
  • are an asylum seeker/refugee residing in our area

Programme criteria

This scheme offers local residents an opportunity to get connected with family and friends, shop online, participate in medical appointments or complete their educational studies. We want to tackle social isolation and digital poverty.

Applications will be assessed and awarded across all 7 District Electoral Areas (DEAs) of the council. This is not a first-come, first served scheme.

N.B. A device will only be available to individuals based in our area that meet the above eligibility criteria.

Application process

Before applying, please check that:

  • you need access to a mobile tablet
  • you meet one or more of the eligibility criteria
  • you have completed every question on your application form
  • if applying on behalf of someone else that you have their consent to do so
  • you can provide all the information we ask for as part of the application process

Once your application is received, we will:

  • check you have not previously received a free device from this scheme
  • perform an eligibility check on your application and then assess it against the criteria to best address digital exclusion across all 7 DEAs in Lisburn and Castlereagh.  Our community partners will assist in the assessment
  • contact you with questions should we need to, so please keep a copy of your application form for your reference
  • not assess your application if it is incomplete

If your application is successful, we will:

  • send you a conditional offer and our terms & conditions of the scheme by email for you to sign and return to us

Once we have received your signed terms and conditions we will:

  • deliver your mobile tablet and arrange a session with SERC to help you get connected with your new device

If your application is unsuccessful, we will:

  • contact you by email informing you of the reasons why your application has not been successful, for which there is no right of appeal