Irish Football Association Grassroots Development Programme

The Grassroots Football Development Programme is a partnership between the Irish Football Association and Lisburn City & Castlereagh City Council. The purpose of the programme is to create a structured approach to the development of football in City to enable everyone to reach his or her full potential within the context of football.

With an on-site Grassroots Development Officer, the programme aims to identify initiatives and create an environment, which ensures that everyone has access to and can contribute to the Football Development Programme in their area regardless of age, gender, religion or ability.

What is Grassroots Football Development?

In short all non-elite football. It is for boys and girls of all ages and abilities from any background. This includes players, parents, administrators, teachers, coaches and volunteers. This equates to 98% of all football and it is the foundation of the game.

Programme Details:

Programmes run for 10 week sessions and are available to boys and girls aged 5-14 years. All levels and abilities are welcome. Coached by IFA qualified staff participants are encouraged to discover and develop their individual skills in a pressure free environment where fun and enjoyment are the key factors.

Having spent some time in technical skills all participants are encouraged to take part in small-sided games of 5v5 & 7v7 where they can try out their skills in a game format. Key elements such as agility, balance and coordination are incorporated to underpin activities at Key Stage 1 and 2.

If you would like to enrol or simply find out more, please contact:

IFA Grassroots Development Officer Phil Melville
Tel: +44(0)7967 459738