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Lough Moss Leisure Centre offers a wide range of activities and courses for the whole family at extremely competitive rates. Pitch and room hire is also available.

Please find a list of our prices detailed below. We also offer fantastic rates for schools, groups and community/voluntary groups.

For further information or to obtain a price which is not listed, please contact Lough Moss Leisure Centre on 028 9081 4884 or email

Room HirePeak PricesOff Peak Prices
Main Hall (Per Hour)£36.00£25.00
Minor Hall (Per Hour)£27.00£16.00
Minor Hall (Per Hour) - Commercial£30.00£20.00
Committee Room£25.00£15.00
Committee Room - Commercial£30.00£20.00
Gallery - Commercial£20.00£15.00
Loft - Commercial£30.00£20.00
Mezzanine - Commercial£20.00£15.00

ActivityPeak PricesOff Peak Prices
Badminton/Pickelball - 1 Hour£6.00£5.00
Badminton/Pickleball - 30 Minutes£3.00£2.50
Basketball (1 Court) - 30 Mins£3.00£2.50
Basketball (1 Court) - 60 Mins£6.00£5.00
Tennis - 1 Hour£4.00£4.00
Table Tennis - 1 Hour£5.00£3.80
Table Tennis - 30 Minutes£2.50£1.90
Squash - 40 Minutes£5.50£2.50
Dance/Activity 1 Hour Per Person£10.00£10.00
Small Group (up to five)£12.00£12.00
Shower/Changing Per Person£1.30£1.30

Synthetic Pitch HirePeak PricesOff Peak Prices
Astro Full Full Pitch (Per Hour)£50.00£40.00
Astro Half Pitch (Per Hour)£25.00£20.00
Astro Quarter Pitch (Per Hour)£15.00£12.00
Lighting Full Pitch (Per Hour)£15.00£15.00
Lighting Half Pitch (Per Hour)£8.00£8.00
Lighting Quarter Pitch (Per Hour)£6.00£6.00

Birthday Party Packages
Bouncy Castle & Ride On Cars (No Staff)£70.00
Bouncy Castle & Football (No Staff)£70.00
Astro Party£50.00
Kitchen (on its own)£10.00