Planned Road Closures

Road Traffic Regulation (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 - Event Notice

Wednesday 21st June 2023 - The Vitality Membership Lisburn Half Marathon, 10K and Fun Run Route

Notice is hereby given that Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council by virtue of the powers conferred on it by Article 8A of, and Schedule 3A, to the Road. Traffic Regulation (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 is minded to make an Order to temporarily restrict or prohibit all traffic from using the following roads in accordance with details in the Schedule hereby to facilitate a Half Marathon, 10K, and Fun Run by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council. Where necessary,  local diversions will be in operation and signed as appropriate.​

​The following roads will remain open with marshalling, drivers should exercise caution: Derrynahone Road, Cockhill Road, Dunygarton Road, Gravelhill Road, Halfpenny Gate Road, Kesh Road and Lurganure Road.

Left turn exit only during race times: Ballinderry Road onto the Moira Road, Knockmore Road onto the Moira Road, Lissue Road onto the Moira Road,  Ravernet Road onto the Hillsborough Road, Laganvalley Hospital onto the Hillsborough Road. Traffic from Longstone Street city bound must only turn left onto Thiepval Road during race times. Traffic from Hillsborough travelling north on Culcavey Road must divert onto Harry’s Road. Traffic on Moira Road going south towards Hillsborough will be diverted onto Meadow Road / Lany Road, Moira. Traffic on Thiepval Road going towards Chapel Hill can only access Governors Road between race times.

Persons wishing to obtain the services of Lagan Valley Hospital Accident and Emergency (A&E), or visit friends and relatives in the main hospital, can only access the hospital site via Laganbank Road left onto the Hillsborough Road only.  Exiting from Lagan Valley Hospital will be a left turn only from 18:30 – 21:00 hours. Lagan Valley Hospital Accident and Emergency opening and closing times will be as normal.

Drivers entering Lisburn from the M1 are asked to use the Saintfield Road exit from the M1.

Police and Marshalls will be working to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum and drivers must exercise caution at all times.  Please note that some bus services running along the Half Marathon, 10K and fun run routes may be affected during race times.

A copy of the application and route map may be inspected free of charge at Civic Headquarters, Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn, BT27 4RL, or viewed online at

Planned Road Closures

Street/RoadPortionTime of Road Closure/OpeningExtent of Closure
Warren ParkFrom rear of the LeisurePlex to Hillsborough Rd18:30 - 21:00Full Road Closure
Warren ParkFrom Warren Gardens to rear of the LeisurePlex19:20- 20:20Full Road Closure
Hillsborough RoadFrom Warren Pk to Smithfield St Junction18:30:20:00One Lane Closed City Bound
Hillsborough RoadFrom Blaris Rd to Warren Pk18:30:21:00One Lane Closed City Bound
Lagan Bank RoadFrom Hillsborough Rd to Hills St19:00 - 20:00Left hand lane closed towards Union Bridge
Hill StreetFrom Laganbank Rd to Linenhall St19:00 - 20:00Full Road Closure
Linenhall StreetFrom Hill St to Smithfield St19:00 - 20:00One Lane Closure
Smithfield StreetFrom Market St to Market Place/Hillsborough Rd junction19:00 - 20:00Full Road Closure
Market PlaceFrom Hillsborough Rd to Chapel Hill18:30 - 20:00Full Road Closure
Chapel HillFrom Market Place to Longstone Roundabout18:30 - 20:00Full Road Closure
Longstone Street/Governors Rd RoundaboutComplete Roundabout18:30 - 20:00Full Road Closure apart from left lane from Moira to Thiepval rd
Longstone StreetFrom Longstone St/Governors Rd Roundabout to Moira Rd18:30 - 20:00Left lane closed towards Moira
Warren GardensFrom Longstone St to Warren Pk19:20 - 20:20Full Road Closure
Moira RoadLongstone St to Halftown Rd18:30 - 20:00Left lane closed towards Moira
Moira RoadHalftown Rd to Lurganure Rd Junction18:30 - 20:00Left lane closed towards Moira
Halftown RoadFrom Moira Rd to Eglantine Rd19:00 - 20:30Full Road Closure
Culcavey RoadFrom Harry's Rd to Eglantine Rd19:00 - 20:30Full Road Closure
Aghnatrisk RoadFrom Trench Rd to Culcavey Rd19:00 - 20:30Full Road Closure
Blaris RoadAll of Blaris Rd19:00 - 21:00Full Road Closure