Ditch the Tee and Plant a Tree

Tree Planting Pic

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Lisburn Half Marathon, 10K Road Race and Fun Run, race participants are being asked to make a lasting contribution to the environment by planting a tree instead of receiving a race t-shirt. This initiative has been launched to align with the council’s sustainability objectives and all trees will be planted in Glenmore Parkland trail.

Stephen Mackle, Head of Parks and Amenities said, “Northern Ireland is one of the least wooded regions in Europe with less than 9% woodland cover. This is lower than the Republic of Ireland (11%), the UK (13%) and European Union (38%). Within Northern Ireland, the Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council (LCCC) area has the lowest levels of tree cover. With trees playing a vital role in tackling climate change and supporting wildlife, it is vital that tree cover is increased within the Council area”.

Head of Sports Services, Brendan Courtney, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying “This is an excellent way to honour the event and provide a lasting legacy. We are delighted to work with our Parks and Amenities team to bring this initiative to life. We hope that everyone participates in increasing the tree cover in the LCCC area and that this will benefit the environment today and in the future”.