Planning Committee

The Protocol for the Operation of the Planning Committee is subject to periodic review and outlines the practical handling arrangements for the operation of the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Councils Planning Committee  This document is available to view here.

Remit of Committee

The remit of the Planning Committee extends to Development Plan, Development Management and Enforcement.
The Planning Committee is made up of 11 Members.  To view details of Committee Members, please click here.
Schedule of Meetings
The Planning Committee will meet on the first Monday in every month.  To view Committee meeting dates and times please click here.

Scheme of Delegation
The Council has prepared a Scheme of Delegation to assist with the delivery of its planning functions.

Decision making in respect of the majority of local planning applications will be handled in accordance with the Council’s Scheme of Delegation with decision making delegated to appointed officers.  Exceptions apply in accordance with the Scheme.

Local developments are likely to comprise the vast majority of residential and minor commercial applications and will include changes to individual houses, single dwellings and smaller developments. 

To view the Scheme of Delegation, please click here. A copy of the Scheme of Delegation will also be available to view at the Council Offices.

Protocol for the Operation of the Planning Committee

Planning Officer recommendations in respect of all major planning applications will be presented to the Planning Committee for determination.

Major applications are typical of developments that have important economic, social and environmental implications for the Council area. 

The Council’s have published a Protocol for the Operation of its Planning Committee.  The protocol sets out the practical handling arrangements for the operation of the Committee.
The current modified protocol during Covid-19 is accessible at the top of this page.

Speaking Rights

Where an application is presented to the Planning Committee for determination, speaking rights will apply.

Requests to speak should be received in writing or by email no later than 12 noon on the Friday prior to the scheduled Committee Meeting.  The request should state whether they wish to speak in support or in opposition to a planning application.
To view procedures for Public Speaking that currently apply to Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Planning Committee meetings please click here.