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Local Development Plan – Submission of draft Plan Strategy for Independent Examination

The Council has submitted its Local Development Plan 2032, draft Plan Strategy to the Department for Infrastructure on 22nd March 2021. The draft Plan Strategy and all supporting documentation submitted to the Department for Infrastructure can be viewed from the links provided in the Table below.

In addition to the previously published information there are a number of new documents including: 

  • Draft Plan Strategy Public Consultation Report (Representations)
  • Draft Plan Strategy Counter Representations Report
  • Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) Compliance Report
  • Self-Assessment of Soundness Report
  • Housing and Employment Topic Paper (Technical Supporting Evidence)
  • Consultation Document on Focussed Changes Addendum including Minor Changes Schedule
  • List of Comments received to Focussed and Minor Changes

Please note there is no opportunity to make any further representations at this stage.

If you have any queries on accessing the documentation, or require the documents in a different format, please contact the Local Development Plan team at or telephone 028 9244 7300.

Draft Plan Strategy and Sustainability Appraisal
SUBDOC-001 Draft Plan Strategy Part 1.pdf
SUBDOC-002 Draft Plan Strategy Part 2 Operational Policies.pdf
SUBDOC-003 Draft Plan Strategy Supplementary Planning Guidance.pdf
SUBDOC-004 Draft Plan Strategy Summary Leaflet.pdf
SUBDOC-005 Draft Plan Strategy Draft Sustainability Appraisal Report.pdf
SUBDOC-006 Draft Plan Strategy Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report.pdf
SUBDOC-007 Draft Plan Strategy Draft Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary Report.pdf
SUBDOC-008 Draft Plan Strategy Public Notices (Pre-Consultation, Formal Consultation & additional Draft Plan Strategy Public Notice).pdf
Draft Plan Strategy Public Consultation Reports
SUBDOC-009 Draft Plan Strategy Public Consultation Report.pdf
SUBDOC-010 Draft Plan Strategy Counter Representations Public Consultation Report.pdf
SUBDOC-011 Index of Representations.pdf
SUBDOC-012 Representations to Draft Plan Strategy
SUBDOC-013 Index of Counter Representations.pdf
SUBDOC-014 Counter Representations to Draft Plan Strategy
SUBDOC-015 Publication of Representations and Counter Representations Period Public Notice.pdf
SUBDOC-016 Focussed and Minor Changes Consultation Document.pdf *
SUBDOC-016(a) Addendum to Draft Sustainability Appraisal Report.pdf
SUBDOC-016(b) Addendum to Draft Habitats Regulations Assessment Report.pdf
SUBDOC-016(c) Addendum to Draft Equality Impact Assessment Screening Report.pdf
SUBDOC-016(d) Addendum to Rural Needs Impact Assessment Report.pdf
SUBDOC-017 Focussed Changes Public Notice.pdf
SUBDOC-018 Index of Comments Received to Focussed Changes Consultation.pdf
SUBDOC-019 Comments to Focussed Changes Consultation
Draft Plan Strategy Supporting Documents
SUBDOC-020 Technical Supplement 1 Housing Growth Study.pdf
SUBDOC-020(a) Housing Market Analysis NIHE April 2018.pdf
SUBDOC-020(b) Lisburn and Castlereagh Housing Investment Plan 2019-2023.pdf
SUBDOC-020(c) Lisburn and Castlereagh Housing Investment Plan Annual Update 2020.pdf
SUBDOC-021 Technical Supplement 2 Urban Capacity Study.pdf
SUBDOC-022 Technical Supplement 3 Employment Land Review.pdf
SUBDOC-023 Technical Supplement 4 Office Capacity Study.pdf
SUBDOC-024 Technical Supplement 5 Retail Capacity Study.pdf
SUBDOC-025 Technical Supplement 6 Countryside Assessment.pdf
SUBDOC-026 Technical Supplement 7 Open Space, Sport & Outdoor Recreation.pdf
SUBDOC-027 Technical Supplement 8 Local Transport Study.pdf
SUBDOC-028 Draft Equality Impact Assessment Screening Report.pdf
SUBDOC-029 Draft Habitats Regulations Assessment.pdf
SUBDOC-030 Rural Needs Impact Assessment.pdf
SUBDOC-031 Topic Paper Housing and Employment.pdf
SUBDOC-032 Typographical Errors List.pdf
SUBDOC-033 Consultation & Engagement Strategy.pdf
SUBDOC-034 Self Assessment of Soundness.pdf
Housing Monitor Reports
SUBDOC-035 LCCC Housing Monitor Report 2015-16.pdf
SUBDOC-036 LCCC Housing Monitor Report 2016-17.pdf
SUBDOC-037 LCCC Housing Monitor Report 2017-18.pdf
SUBDOC-038 LCCC Housing Monitor Report 2018-19.pdf
Statement of Community Involvement and Timetable
SUBDOC-039 Statement of Community Involvement December 2020.pdf
SUBDOC-040 SCI Public Notices.pdf
SUBDOC-041 Compliance with SCI Report.pdf
SUBDOC-042 Local Development Plan Timetable December 2020.pdf
SUBDOC-042(a) Local Development Plan Timetable November 2018.pdf
SUBDOC-042(b) Local Development Plan Timetable June 2016.pdf
SUBDOC-043 Local Development Plan Timetable Public Notices.pdf
Preferred Options Paper (POP)
SUBDOC-044 Preferred Options Paper (POP).pdf
SUBDOC-045 Preferred Options Paper Appendices.pdf
SUBDOC-046 Preferred Options Paper Summary Document.pdf
SUBDOC-047 Preferred Options Paper Sustainability Appraisal Interim Report.pdf
SUBDOC-048 Preferred Options Paper Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report.pdf
SUBDOC-049 POP Public Consultation Report.pdf
SUBDOC-050 POP Public Notice.pdf
POP Position Papers
SUBDOC-051 Position Paper 1 Population and Growth.pdf
SUBDOC-052 Position Paper 2 Housing and Settlements.pdf
SUBDOC-053 Position Paper 3 Employment and Economic Development.pdf
SUBDOC-054 Position Paper 4 Retailing Town Centres and Other Uses.pdf
SUBDOC-055 Position Paper 5 Transportation.pdf
SUBDOC-056 Position Paper 6 Telecoms, Public Services & Utilities.pdf
SUBDOC-057 Position Paper 7 Historic Environment.pdf
SUBDOC-058 Position Paper 8 Natural Heritage.pdf
SUBDOC-059 Position Paper 9 Countryside Assessment.pdf
SUBDOC-060 Position Paper 10 Development Constraints (Flood Risk, Drainage and Minerals).pdf
SUBDOC-061 Position Paper 11 Tourism.pdf
SUBDOC-062 Position Paper 12 Open Space, Sport & Outdoor Recreation.pdf
SUBDOC-063 Position Paper 13 Waste Management.pdf
SUBDOC-064 Position Paper 14 Education, Health, Community & Cultural Facilities.pdf
Council-Related Supporting Documents
SUBDOC-065 LCCC Community Plan 2017-2032.pdf
SUBDOC-066 LCCC Community Action Plan 2019-2024.pdf
SUBDOC-067 LCCC 'Connect, Invest, Transform' - 10 Year Investment Plan Propositon 2019.pdf
SUBDOC-068 Lisburn City Centre Masterplan Review 2019 (Draft).pdf
SUBDOC-069 LCCC Car Park Strategy 2019 (Draft).pdf
SUBDOC-070 West Lisburn Development Framework Review 2018.pdf
SUBDOC-071 Castlereagh Urban Integrated Development Framework.pdf
SUBDOC-072 LCCC Open Space Strategy 2019 (Draft).pdf
SUBDOC-073 LCCC Tourism Strategy 2018.pdf
SUBDOC-074 LCCC Vision for Tourism 2018-2022.pdf
SUBDOC-075 Laganbank Quarter Comprehensive Development Scheme 2015 (Draft).pdf
SUBDOC-076 Lisburn's Lagan Corridor 2003.pdf
SUBDOC-077 LCCC Playability Audit of Existing Fixed Play Provision.pdf
SUBDOC-078 Lisburn & Castlereagh Local Biodiversity Action Plan.pdf
SUBDOC-079 Lagan Valley Regional Park Management Plan 2017-2022.pdf
SUBDOC-080 Oxford Economics Socio-Economic Profile and Forecast LCCC Sept 2018.pdf
SUBDOC-081 LCCC Corporate Plan - 2018-2022 and Beyond.pdf
SUBDOC-082 LDP Map Viewer
SUBDOC-083 Clarification to DfI June 2021

* SUBDOC-016 Includes Addendum to Technical Supplement 1 Housing Growth Study, November 2020