Public consultation on Focussed Changes to the draft Plan Strategy

In accordance with Regulation 20(1) of the Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015, the Council, prior to submitting its draft Plan Strategy to the Department for Independent Examination on 22nd March 2021, gave due consideration to the issues raised in all representations it received during its public consultation into the draft Plan Strategy documents.

In accordance with Section 4 of the Department’s Development Plan Practice Note (DPPN) 10 ‘Submitting Development Plan Documents for Independent Examination’ December 2019, the council, having considered the issues raised, identified and proposed a number of focussed and minor changes to its draft Plan Strategy. Minor changes were provided as a separate schedule and whilst these did not require public consultation they were published for information to allow the reader to understand how the council differentiated between what it considered to be a minor and focussed change.

These changes were subject to an 8 week period of public consultation which ended on Friday 12th March 2021.

The consultation document on the focussed changes, along with addendums to accompany all corresponding papers affected by these proposed changes can be viewed and downloaded from the Submission Documents Library and are available in different formats upon request.

The Council has published those comments it received to the proposed focussed changes as soon as reasonably practicable after the expiry of the consultation period and these can be viewed from the links provided in the Table below.

If you are unable to view these comments online, they are available for inspection at the Planning Unit, Civic Headquarters, Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn BT27 4RL during normal office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) by appointment only, so that the appropriate health and safety arrangements for COVID-19 can be properly managed. An appointment can be arranged by contacting the Planning Unit either by telephone 028 9244 7300 or emailing the LDP team at

The comments received on the proposed focussed changes were collated and formed part of the Council’s submission to the Department for Infrastructure on the 22nd March 2021 and will also be submitted to the examining body as part of the Independent Examination process.

There is no opportunity to make any further comments at this stage.

Comments received to Focussed Changes Consultation

Reference Number Received from Comment relates to the following Focussed or Minor Change
CFC-001 Northern Ireland Housing Executive Not specified
CFC-002 Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council Not specified
CFC-003 Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council FC1B and FC2
CFC-004 Gravis Planning Not specified
CFC-005 Newry, Mourne and Down District Council FC8A, FC8B and FC14B, MC52E, MC63 and MC65B
CFC-006 Department for Communities Not Specified
CFC-007 Inaltus MC26A and MC26B
CFC-008 Department for Communities - Historic Environment Division MC6A, MC6B and MC6C
CFC-009 Belfast City Council FC1A, FC1B, FC2 and FC5B, MC13, MC27 and MC67
CFC-010 Invest Northern Ireland FC7, FC14B and FC15, MC26A, MC26B, MC49 and MC62
CFC-011 Department for the Economy - Minerals and Petroleum Division FC8B, MC43 and MC63
CFC-012 Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) MC24A, MC24B and MC43
CFC-013 TSA Planning on behalf of Lotus Homes (UK) Ltd FC1A and FC1B, MC3A, MC3B and MC17
CFC-014 TSA Planning on behalf of an Individual FC1 and FC1B, MC3A, MC3B and MC17
CFC-015 TSA Planning on behalf of Rosemount Homes (Carryduff) Ltd FC1A and FC1B, MC3A and MC3B
CFC-016 TSA Planning on behalf of Cherrytree Holdings Ltd FC1A and FC1B, MC3A, MC3B and MC17
CFC-017 TSA Planning on behalf of an Individual and Cherrytree Holdings Ltd FC1A and FC1B, MC3A, MC3B and MC17
CFC-018 TSA Planning on behalf of Unicorn Group Not specified
CFC-019 RSPB Northern Ireland FC14B and MC24C
CFC-020(a) Department for Infrastructure FC1B, FC2, FC5A and FC12, MC4, MC7A, MC9B, MC24C, MC26A, MC27, MC28, MC47, MC50 and MC54A
CFC-020(b) Department for Infrastructure - Roads FC11 and FC12, MC8A, MC8B, MC8C, MC47, MC48, MC49, MC50 and MC51
CFC-020(c) Transport Planning and Modelling Unit - Transport Policy Directorate FC11, MC8A, MC49 and MC51
CFC-020(d) Department for Infrastructure - Rivers FC15
CFC-020(e) Department for Infrastructure - Water and Drainage Policy Division Not specified