Development Management

Due to ongoing advice on social distancing from the Public Health Authority the Council’s Planning Unit will not be providing a public facing service for a period of time. This means that we are no longer offering face to face advice to members of the public. There will be no meetings organised with Agents or applicants during this period, nor will site visits be able to be arranged.  As public access to LVI has now ceased applications and representations should be posted to the Unit along with the appropriate payment and should not be brought to the building. The Unit will, however, continue to deal with email and telephone calls on planning issues. 

Please note that the Planning Committee meeting scheduled for April 2020 will now not take place.  Consideration is being given to current Government advice in relation to social distancing to see how meetings can be conducted safely.  Further advice will follow. 

Local Development Plan - Public Consultation on Representations and Counter Representation Period

The Council is currently consulting on representations received to the draft Plan Strategy to allow ‘counter-representations’ to be made within an eight week period, which commenced on Friday 21st February 2020.  The period for receipt of counter-representations closes on Friday 17 April 2020. The Council will continue to operate its Local Development Plan function and process all counter-representations received in accordance with the relevant regulations.  Given the current situation, however, representations submitted to the draft Plan Strategy may only be viewed online, and not at the Council’s Civic Headquarters.  The Council will retain a degree of flexibility regarding the receipt of any late counter-representation on a case by case basis.  

Contacting Us.

Any queries should be directed to the Planning Inbox at planning@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk .  This mailbox is being monitored on a daily basis and queries will be responded to as quickly as possible in the current situation. We appreciate your understanding on the matter.

Roles & Responsibilities
The responsibility for the delivery of the majority of planning functions transferred from the Department to local government on 1 April 2015.
From this date Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council (LCCC) has been responsible for:

  • Taking forward work associated with the drawing up its own local development plan
  • Making the majority of planning decisions in respect of applications within the Council area
  • Investigating alleged breached of planning control and determining what enforcement action (if any) should be taken

If you wish to find out more about planning requirements and planning regulations or to view the latest information about a planning application please visit www.planningni.gov.uk