Enforcement Policy

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council has statutory responsibility for enforcement of a wide and diverse range of legislation (including local bye-laws). These regulate areas such as:

  • Antisocial behaviour;
  • Building control;
  • Litter and household waste;
  • Environmental Health;
  • Licensing (including entertainment and street trading);
  • Parks, playing fields and open spaces; and
  • Planning and Development.

All of these activities will be carried out having regard to the general principles of good enforcement practice outlined in the Council’s Enforcement Policy. For a copy of the LCCC's  Enforcement and Regulation Policy please click here.

This policy is an "umbrella" policy and is applied across the Council. The purpose of this Policy is to secure an efficient and effective approach to all regulatory and enforcement activities carried out by the Council.

The policy outlines the Councils position in relation to their principles of enforcement, arrangements for enforcement, types of enforcement applied, the appeals procedure and when prosecution is warrented.

The Policy is consistent with the principles set out in the Government’s Better Regulation agenda and with the principles of the Enforcement Concordat and it is also intended to improve compliance with legislation while minimising the burden on businesses, individuals, organisations and the Council.