The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 having agreed the terms of the UK’s Exit from the EU via the Withdrawal Agreement.

As part of the Withdrawal Agreement a Transition Period was agreed that came to an end on 31 December 2020.  Northern Ireland continues to align with all relevant EU rules relating to the placing on the market of manufactured goods, however there may be changes that affect your business such as if you apply CE marking, or in certain industries such as cosmetics.

The UK government has extended the deadline to apply UKCA marks for certain products to demonstrate compliance with product safety regulations to 1 January 2023.  This applies to Northern Ireland businesses placing products placed on the market in England, Scotland and Wales. Further information is available on the UK Government website HERE.

Further information on how this may affect your business is available on the Office of Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) website.

For product specific information or to find out about the product safety regulatory framework in Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1 January 2021 visit the OPSS website.

If you would like speak us please contact the Environmental Health Department on 028 9244 7300 or email