Local Authority Pollution Prevention Control

Within Northern Ireland Local Authorities are responsible for regulating certain industrial activities covered by the Pollution Prevention and Control (Industrial Emissions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2013.  These regulations prescribe that certain processes (Part C processes) have the potential to cause air pollution and require a permit to operate.

The permit is in effect a licence allowing the holder to operate a process subject to certain conditions. The purpose of the permit system is to control, limit or prevent the emission of certain prescribed substances and other products from those processes.

We must set permit conditions based on the use of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) to control emissions to air.  It is our role to monitor compliance with the regulations and with the conditions of the permit and to take appropriate enforcement action where necessary.  Routine inspections are carried out and any complaints are investigated to check compliance.

Local Authorities are responsible for the following 11 categories of processes:

  • Combustion Processes e.g. large industrial boilers
  • Iron & Steel
  • Non-ferrous Metal
  • Cement & Lime Manufacture e.g. ready-mixes concrete processes
  • Other Mineral Processes e.g. breaking up coal
  • Ceramic Products
  • Incineration e.g. cremation
  • Coating and Printing e.g. repainting road vehicles
  • Manufacture of Dye Stuffs, Printing Ink and Coating Materials
  • Timber Processes e.g. manufacture of wood products
  • Processes involving Rubber

New Applications

Any person who intends to operate an installation that requires a permit must submit a Permit Application Form along with the appropriate fee. The district council can then issue a permit in accordance with statutory guidance. The operator of the process must comply with the conditions of the permit and they will be inspected to ensure this is the case. The authority can refuse to grant the licence if they believe that the person will not be able to comply with conditions it may impose.

Application Forms

You can use the following application forms to apply for a permit to operate a Part C process.  It is always advisable to discuss your application with the Environmental Health Officer in advance.

Permit Application Form for a Part C Installations

Permit Application Form for a Dry Cleaners

Permit Application Form  for a Petrol Filling Station

An Application Form to apply for a Transfer of a Permit 

Cost of Registration

The Regulations make provisions for fees and charges payable to the enforcing authority. The current fee schedule PPC Charging Scheme details all permit application fees as well as annual subsistence charges and transfer charges.  You should contact Environmental Health to discuss this in more detail.

For details of the charging scheme please click here

Public Register

Local Authorities are required to maintain a public register which lists the installations currently authorised/permitted.

To view the public register within Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council as a map viewer please click here.

Contact details

For further detail please contact Environmental Health using the contact details below
Environmental Health Service Unit,
Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council,
Civic Headquarters,
Lagan Valley Island,
BT27 4RL
Tel: 028 9244 7397
Email: ehealth@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk