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Environmental Health

Environmental Health

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Environmental Health

Environmental Health has its origins in the 1800’s, when bad housing, poor water supplies, inadequate drainage and contaminated food caused disease and death. Environmental Health Officers (formerly Sanitary Inspectors and Public Health Inspectors) have been looking after the public’s health since 1848.

In recent years, the government has increasingly recognised the impact of environmental factors such as housing, air quality, the workplace and food safety on the nation’s health.

With the Review of Public Administration (RPA) and the advent of the new Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, new powers and function have been brought into Environmental Health. The new powers will allow Environmental Health to further address health and life inequalities and make a bigger impact on the climate and wider environmental conditions within the Council area.

The objectives of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council’s Environmental Health Service Unit are:

To ensure a safe and healthy environment for people who visit, live or work in the Council area; and
To enhance and protect the health and environmental well-being of the area.

These objectives are achieved by a combination of enforcement and regulation, education and awareness, and by working in partnership with businesses and organisations throughout the area.

The Service, under the control of a Head of Service, is split into four sections:

The Food Safety, Tobacco Control and Consumer Protection Unit
The Environmental Protection and Dog Control Unit
The Public Health & Housing, Licensing and Pest Control Unit
The Health and Safety Unit.

Each unit is managed and staffed with both professional and competent Environmental Health Officers, Enforcement Officers, Technical Officers and Administrative staff.

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council enforces Health and Safety legislation in premises where the following activities take place:


  • Sale or storage of goods for retail or wholesale distribution, with certain exceptions

  • Display or demonstration of goods at exhibitions

  • Catering services

  • Provision of permanent or temporary residential accommodation including caravan and camping sites

  • Provision of consumer services in a shop, with certain exception

  • Coin operated launderettes and similar cleaning premises

  • Cosmetic and therapeutic treatments, with certain exceptions

  • Various leisure activities, including entertainment, and other cultural or recreational activities

  • Hiring of pleasure craft on inland waters

  • Care, treatment, accommodation or exhibition of animals, with certain exceptions

  • Undertaking activities except embalming or coffin making

  • Church worship or religious meetings

  • Provision of car parking facilities within airport perimeters

  • Provision of child care, playgroup or nursery facilities.