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Council Dog Kennels

Council Dog Kennels

All stray and unwanted dogs are housed in the Dog Kennels, Altona Industrial Estate, Hillsborough Old Road, Lisburn until such times as an owner reclaims his dog or the dogs are rehomed.

Opening hours

The Dog Wardens are in attendance at the kennels between 10.30am - 11.30am Monday to Friday.  Dogs can however be viewed by appointment by contacting the Dog Wardens.

Out of Hours

Outside normal office hours, in an emergency, telephone 028 9244 7750 until 10pm.


If you have lost your dog please contact the Dog Wardens at 028 9244 7867. If your dog is in the Council Dog Kennels fees will be charged.


If you find a stray dog please contact the Dog Wardens using the contact detail provided.