Main reasons why dogs bark:

  • it is bored
  • it is guarding its territory
  • it misses you
  • it hears strange noises
  • it is afraid
  • it gets easily excited or is highly strung
  • it is in the habit of barking

Dogs bark for all the above reasons and if you have a nuisance barker on your hands, you should first determine why.  Dogs that bark incessantly in the yard could be bored.  Owners should try to relieve the dog’s boredom by:

  • taking it for regular walks
  • providing chew toys and bones
  • change the position of the kennel, etc.

If your dog barks as a result of separation anxiety (if it suffers when separated from the owner) then consider: leaving the radio or television on when you are away to distract the dog or contact an animal behaviourist.


Perseverance does pay off, however, if your dog does not respond to your attempts to quieten it, contact the Enforcement Officers at the Council for help and advice.

For further advice please see the attached leaflet published by the Department of the Environment entitled 'Is your dog barking too much?'