Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council's Good Relations Programme is managed within the Council's Community Services Section that sits within the Cultural & Community Services Directorate.

The Council's Good Relations Programme seeks to encourage and support activity that promotes good relations between people from different backgrounds to help improve people’s quality of life.

In seeking to do so, the Council's Good Relations Officer works with a range of local community, voluntary and statutory organisations and other sectors to deliver the Good Relations Programme under the themes covered by the Together Building a United Community Strategy which includes, ‘Children & Young People’ , ‘Our Safe Community’, ‘Our Shared Community’ and ‘Our Cultural Expression’.

The Council's Good Relations Programme supports a range of activity to foster good relations throughout the Council area, including the #PARTOFHERE media campaign which is spread across bus routes, adshells and billboards throughout Lisburn & Castlereagh that showcases the Council area and its diversity through images of REAL residents, local businesses, schools and rural areas.

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