We are pleased to provide you with Community Services contact details effective from 3 January 2017.  For all Community Services enquires please contact:

Bridge Community Centre 50 Railway Street Lisburn BT28 1XP

Tel: 028 9244 7713 Email: Community.Services@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

Head of Service (Culture and Community)

Contact: Louise Moore, Head of Cultural & Community Services

Lagan Valley Island, T: 028 9244 7883, E: louise.moore@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

Community Transport

Community Services have 5 Community Minibuses 4 at the Bridge Community Centre and 1 (which from 3 January 2017 will be located at Moneyreagh Community Centre) and will be bookable as usual by Community Groups by contacting:

Bridge Community Centre (Contact details above) or Moneyreagh Community Centre, 36A Church Road, Moneyreagh, BT23 6BB, Tel: 028 9044 9330

Community Services

Contact: Deirdre Russell, Community Development & Resources Manager

Bridge Community Centre T: 028 9244 7713 E: deirdre.russell@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

The Community Development and Resources Manager works within Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council area and is responsible for the management and development of the resources, staff and projects of the Community Development and Resources Team. The Team‘s remit includes facilities and resources, community development and good relations.

Community Support

Contact: Rhonda O'Neill, Community Support Officer

Bridge Community Centre T: 028 9244 7713 E: rhonda.oneill@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

The Community Support Officers work within the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council area and is responsible for developing and managing the Council’s Community Support Service while striving for continuous service improvement.  Additionally, they manage and motivate staff to deliver a needs based service as well as delivering programmes with a focus on outreach to community/voluntary organisations.

Contact: Jocelyn Horton, Community Development Officer, (covers Castlereagh South and East, Downshire East)

Moneyreagh Community Centre

T: 028 9044 9330 E: jocelyn.horton@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

Contact: Victoria Jackson, Community Development Officer

Bridge Community Centre

T: 028 9244 7713 Evictoria.jackson@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

The Community Development Officers support community/voluntary organisations across the Council area through the provision of advice, capacity building, training/development, sign posting, grant support and volunteer development.  The work of the Community Development Officer is informed by the Council’s Community Development Strategy.

Good Relations

Contact: Lynsey Gray, Good Relations Officer

Bridge Community Centre, T: 028 9244 7713 E: lynsey.gray@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

The Good Relations Officer works within Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council area in delivering an agreed plan via The Executive Office to address Good Relations issues identified within the 2015 independent audit. Whilst delivering the District Councils Good Relations Action Plan, the Good Relations Officer also provides support to community groups within Lisburn & Castlereagh on the areas covered by the Together Building a United Community Strategy which includes, ‘Children & Young People’ , ‘Our Safe Community’, ‘Our Shared Community’ and ‘Our Cultural Expression’.

Community Facilities & Resources

Contact: Alison Prentice, Facilities and Resources Officer

Bridge Community Centre T: 028 9244 7713  E: alison.prentice@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

The Facilities and Resources Officer oversees the management and development of the Community Centres and Satellite Centres within the Council area providing services and meeting need within the Community. Additional responsibilities includes Community Support Grant administration, Community Transport and Resource Centre provision.

The Community Centre Co-ordinators manage the day to day operation of the Community Centres within the Lisburn & Castlereagh Council area. The Co-ordinators oversee the implementation of a varied programme of activities that promote increased usage of the facilities while meeting local need.

Contact: Jacqui Hale, Community Centre Co-ordinator (Bridge Community Centre)

Bridge Community Centre T: 028 9244 7713 E: jacqui.hale@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

Contact: Neil Reid, Facilities Co-ordinator (Enler, Ballyoran and Moneyreagh Community Centres)

Enler Community Centre, Craigleith Drive, Dundonald, BT16 2QP, T: 028 9048 0184,  E: neil.reid@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

Moneyreagh Community Centre 36A Church Road, Moneyreagh, BT23 6BB, T: 028 9044 9330

Ballyoran Community Centre, 30 Rosneath Gardens, Ballybeen, BT16 1UN, T: 028 9048 2083