The Creation of new Street Names throughout LCCC

Please click the link to download a street naming & numbering application form

The Elected Members of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council possess the delegated powers to name new developments under Article 11, The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) (NI) Order 1995. All street name proposals are subject to the consultation and ratification by the Royal Mail and Elected Members of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council.

The Building Control Service coordinate the opportunity for developers and builders to submit street naming proposals for any new street names that may be formed as part of a new development.

The Building Control Service will consult with both The Royal Mail and the Elected Members of the District Electoral Area to ensure that the proposed names are acceptable in accordance with the agreed Council policy. The responses from this consultation process are collated and tabled at the Environmental Services Committee and if agreed, the recommendation to approve the name proposal as an official street name is approved by decision at the monthly full Council meeting.

Considerable favour will be given to street name proposals that reflect the local heritage with a social, historic, geographic or topographic link to the characteristics of the area. Names which bear no relation to the area will not be automatically refused but there will be a presumption against such names unless the applicant can make a valid case for the same. If a name proposal is not thought suitable, the developer will be given the opportunity to propose an alternative name or the Elected Members of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council can decide upon a name of their choosing.

The Creation of Postal Numbering for new Dwellings

The creation of new street names will be accompanied by a postal numbering layout that will best reflect the development layout. Provisional postal numbering layouts are provided to both the Royal Mail and the LPS Pointer team for their information. A provisional postal address will be made an approved and official postal address when the property reaches a stage of occupation, as described by The Royal Mail. When a property reaches this stage of construction, the Royal Mail will add the address to their post code data base following confirmation from the local authority. The creation of a postal address for individual dwellings on existing streets, will be given a postal number which best suits the current approved postal layout. This may require the suffix of an alphanumeric addition ie, 57A or 57B etc… to suit the local arrangement and to ensure that the numbering is both sequential and aids the identification of property across the City Council area.

All applications for new street names should be accompanied by an accurate location plan, site plan and supportive information for the name choices.

All applications for new street names must be accompanied by an accurate site layout for street naming and numbering purposes. This information can be provided in PDF format and emailed to otherwise please print and post 3 copies to the Building Control Office. Applicants please be aware that any information provided may be passed to other Government Agencies to aid and improve the identification of street names and properties within the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council area.

For a copy of LCCC's Street Naming and Postal Numbering Policy on the creation of street names, please click here.