Street Nameplates

We are responsible for the provision and maintenance of street name plates across the Lisburn and Castlereagh City area.

Following the agreement of an official street name by Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council Elected Members; a street nameplate will be erected to identify its locality and property that is numbered off it.

If the location of any such street is outside the 30mph settlement limits, townland designation will be included on each street nameplate to help identification and sense of place.

Reporting of damaged or missing nameplates

If you note or can identify a missing or damaged nameplate, please report these to the Building Control service for its provision / replacement by emailing us at or by phoning us on 028 9244 7300..

Please provide the following information when reporting a damaged or missing nameplate:

  • Location of missing/damaged nameplate
  • Road junction that missing nameplate intersects (if any)
  • Name of person reporting the missing name plate
  • Contact telephone number of person reporting the missing plate