Property Certificates

Building Control provide a facility where the public can apply for information held by the Service with regard to applications made for the property or land within the LIsburn and Castlereagh City area from 1973.

Any information on contraventions, infringements or the status of ongoing works can be identified on a common property certificate which has been developed in conjunction with the Law Society (NI).

The combined information on this certificate provides a comprehensive reference source for anyone who is interested in purchasing land or a building.

It is prudent that a check is carried out on the previous history of a building as any new owner will take on the responsibility of any legal notice or illegal works that relate to that building. A solicitor or agent representing those involved in the transfer of ownership usually make an application for this check.

Property Certificates contain information on:

  • Building Regulation applications and any Contravention Notices
  • Public Health and smoke control matters
  • Dangerous Structure Notices
  • Licensing matters
  • Address confirmation
  • Countryside matters

Customers have a choice of four Property Certificate types:

Standard 10 Year Search (£90)

This certificate provides information for 10 years from the 1st January of the year in which the enquiry was made.

Full Search (£122)

This is the most comprehensive certificate relating to all information held by LCCC on any property dating back to 1973.

Follow Up Search (£38)

A certificate designed to follow on from a standard 10 year search. This updates the information back to 1st October 1973.

Specified Search  (£90)

Building Control offer this certificate choice to accommodate land transfer and to provide information if you know the dates of alterations to property.

Requesting a Certificate

Applications for a Property Certificate are normally made by a conveyancing Solicitor on your behalf but anyone can make an application for property details that they have a legal interest in.

A completed application form along with a location map and the appropriate fee is required.

Please click here to download a Property Certificate Application form.