If you intend to carry out building works, you must apply to us for building regulations approval. You may also need planning permission for certain works. Please contact our Planning Service for their advice and information.

There are three possible methods of application depending on the related works. These options are as follows:

  • Full Plan Application – for proposed works to dwellings and non-domestic property.
  • Building Notice – for works of a minor nature to an existing dwelling.
  • Regularisation – for works that have already been carried out to a dwelling or non-domestic property without getting building control approval at the time the work was carried out.

Full Plan Application

This is for applications for domestic or non-domestic properties. You must provide full construction drawings of your proposal in order to obtain a Notice of Passing of Plans. The fee for a Full Plans Application is submitted in two stages. Firstly when the Plans are submitted and then when the works start on site.   

Full Plan Applications should be made for:

  • The erection of a building
  • An extension of an existing building
  • A roofspace conversion to form a habitable room or additional storey
  • The change of a buildings use
  • Installation or alteration of services and fittings

Notice of Approval

If we approve your application drawings, we will issue a Notice of Passing of Plans with a stamped approved copy of your Plans confirming that they comply with the Building Regulations.

Please click on the link below to download a Full Plan Application Form. 

Rejection of Plans

Often, we are unable to approve your Plans because they do not contain sufficient information, has a design problem or does not fully comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations.

In these circumstances, we will send you and/or your Agent an indication of why the Plans do not comply with the Building Regulations. Before we can approve your application, you will need to send us revised drawings which amend these issues.


Building Notice Application

A Building Notice application can be used for works of a minor nature to domestic dwellings without the submission of fully designed plans.

The use of a Building Notice cannot be used for:

  • The erection of a new dwelling
  • The change of use from an existing dwelling
  • An extension of a domestic dwelling where the floor area is increased by more than 10 m2
  • An extension to create a new storey in a dwelling (roof space conversion) which will be accessed by a fixed stair.

Although fully designed drawings are not required with a Building Notice application, we may ask for information such as structural calculations or thermal performance specifications to ensure that the proposed works meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. 

We will issue a completion certificate for the works following the satisfactory assessment and completion of the works on site confirming their compliance with the builidng regulations.

Please click on the link below to download a Building Notice Application Form. 

When can I start work?

You can start work as soon as you have made a valid application although it is suggested that you get plan approval before works start to give you some protection against having to make costly alterations of site for Full Plans submissions. You must also tell us when you start the works and at various stages throughout the works

When the works are completed to the satisfaction of the inspecting officer and all other relevant information has been received including the building regulation fees, we will issue a completion certificate which confirms that the works would appear to meet the requirements of the building regulations.

Regularisation Application

A Regularisation Application can be submitted for the approval of work that has already been carried out but for which no application was made. This is also known as unauthorised work. Following an application, we will inspect the work to ensure that it would have met the regulations that were in use when the works were carried out. Following an assessment of the works, we can issue a Regularisation Certificate which will identify retrospective approval, if the works comply.

Please click on the link below to download a Regularisation Application Form.