Once you have made a valid application for building regulations approval, it is important that you or your builder keeps us informed of when the work starts and when it has reached certain stages of its progression. This will ensure that we can inspect the work on your behalf to check that it meets the building regulations requirements.

If we are not given the opportunity to inspect important work, we have the power to ask that the works are opened up and made good if they do not meet the standards necessary to achieve compliance.

You are required to advise us at the following stages and give us the opportunity to inspect:

  • When the works start
  • When the foundations are excavated
  • When you place a damp proof course
  • When you consolidate the site hardcore
  • When you lay the drainage system (before backfilling)
  • Before you cover up any insulation or sound measures
  • Before covering of any above ground structural elements
  • When the works reach a stage of occupation
  • When the works are deemed to be complete.

You may also need to request an inspection that the Surveyor has previously advised to see or at any stage where you need advice.

It may also be necessary to ask that tests are carried out on drains or private sewers to prove their effectiveness or a sample of materials taken off site to ensure that they meet the building regulations requirements

Book a Site Inspection

You can phone us on 028 9244 7300.

It is helpful if you have the reference number available that we have provided you with when we validate your Application, ie FP/  BN/ or UB/ number. 

Our inspections are carried out from  Monday to Friday. We try to accommodate same day inspections if the request is made before 10am on the day of the inspection.