Disposing of trade waste at recycling centres

The household recycling centres are primarily for the recycling and disposal of household waste by residents of the Council area.

Access for the following categories is controlled:

  1. Trade waste (waste arising from a trade or business)
    To dispose of trade or business waste you will need to have a Trade Waste Disposal Ticket issued by the council.
  2. Contractor carrying household waste (e.g. gardener, joiner, handyman)
    Contractors carrying household waste are required to have a Waste Transfer Note covering the waste they are carrying. The note must be produced each time the contractor visits a recycling centre.
  3. Charities (waste arising from a charity)
    Charities wishing to dispose of waste should be in possession of a Charity Letter issued by the council. The letter must be produced each time a charity visits a recycling centre.
  4. Oil tanks
    We are unable to accept waste domestic heating oil tanks at the recycling centres or through the Bulky Collection Service. Householders are advised to contact a specialist contractor who are authorised and licensed to collect, store and dispose of the tanks.

Please note: 
The following trade waste materials are not accepted at any of the recycling centres:

  • oil
  • electrical
  • batteries
  • tyres
  • paint
  • plasterboard
  • any hazardous waste


Charges for disposal (1 April 2023 – 31 March 2024)
Disposal tickets Charge
Single axle trailer / Small van £90
Twin axle trailer / Transit van £180
Large van £240
Charges for recycling
Recycling tickets Charge
Single axle trailer / Small van £36
Twin axle trailer / Transit van £75
Large van £95

To purchase disposal or recycling tickets, please phone 028 9244 7436 or email trade.waste@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

Payments for disposal or recycling cannot be made at any of the recycling centres.


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