Help with waste collections

Missed bins or boxes

If your bin or box was not collected please check the service updates or disruptions.

Larger or additional landfil bins

Larger or additional landfill bins are available for households with large amounts of disposable nappies, medical waste or have more than six occupants.

Request a larger or additional landfill bin

Help with putting your bins or boxes out

Households with no one living there who is able to put their bins or boxes out for collection can apply for assistance.

Request a backdoor collection

Contaminated bins or boxes

We will not empty any bins or boxes that contain material that is not permitted. A contamination sticker or card will be placed on your bin or box to advise you it contains unsuitable material.

You must remove all unsuitable items and present the bin or box for collection on the next scheduled collection day.

For more information please phone 028 9244 7300 or email

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