Election costs – Local Council Elections – 18 May 2023

Deputy Returning Officer’s Fees for conducting the election (inclusive of Travelling Expenses) £
Deputy Returning Officer’s Fees (excluding ERNIC and Superannuation) 5,190.00
Assistant Deputy Returning Officer(s) inclusive of Travelling Expenses (excluding ERNIC and Superannuation) 5,190.00
Staff Costs (inclusive of Travelling Expenses) 208,002.46
Staff Costs Total excluding DRO Fee 202,812.46
Administration Costs (exclusive of Vat, if reclaimed)
Insurance cover (against claims in respect of injury or damage to personal property) 0.00
Advertising 2,385.76
Stationery and Printing 40,752.82
Postage (poll cards, proxy poll cards, postal votes, staffing, other) 73,663.09
Use of Premises 25,971.05
Transportation 11,873.00
Equipment 25,292.00
Materials for verification and count
Administration Costs Total 179,937.72
SUB TOTAL 382,750.18
Postage (exclusive of Vat, if reclaimed)
Candidates’ Election Addresses 119,958.33
Candidates' Election Postage Costs Total 119,958.33
GRAND TOTAL 507,898.51