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Council Committees and Chairmen

Council Committees and Chairmen

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council conducts its business via a Committee system. The Council operates seven Standing Committees.

Decisions taken at Committees are brought to the monthly meeting of Full Council, which usually takes place on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

The seven Standing Committees and their Chairmen are:

Chairman Vice-Chairman
Corporate Services Cllr Scott Carson Cllr Brian Hanvey
Leisure & Community Development Ald James Tinsley Cllr Rhoda Walker
Development Ald Allan Ewart MBE Cllr Andrew Ewing
Environmental Services Ald Tommy Jeffers     Cllr Janet Gray MBE
Governance & Audit  Cllr Amanda Grehan Cllr James Baird
Planning Cllr Luke Poots Cllr Hon. Nicholas Trimble
Capital Projects Ald David Drysdale Ald Paul Porter

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Full details of Committee memberships are available on the Elected Members page.