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Consultations & Surveys - Lisburn Castlereagh
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Consultations & Surveys

Have your say on the things that matter to you

Your views are important to us and your responses will help us make decisions on planning, delivering and evaluating council services.
Your participation makes a difference.

Open Consultations & Surveys Closing Date
City Centre Masterplan Review

The regeneration of Lisburn City Centre remains a key priority for the Council. We are seeking your views and feedback on our revised City Centre Masterplan on the way forward for Lisburn City Centre.

27 May 2019
Connect | Invest | Transform

The Council’s Investment Plan proposition document sets out our ambitious vision to Connect, Invest and Transform Lisburn Castlereagh over the next 10 years. With a total investment fund in the region of £250 million we are proposing to undertake a significant programme of work to reshape our area.

30 Jun 2019