Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is currently developing proposals to regenerate the area known as the Laganbank Quarter. The City Centre Masterplan identified a series of preferred areas for development, lying within the City Centre and close to the main shopping streets. These areas include existing DRD car parks, public and private sector land and existing buildings.

Linking closely with the proposed development sites identified within the 2010 masterplan; Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council and the Regional Development Office produced a series of proposals for the Laganbank Quarter area of Lisburn City Centre in the form of a Development Scheme. The purpose of the proposal is to secure a comprehensive, major mixed-use scheme, which will regenerate the Laganbank Quarter, enhance the City Centre’s regional role, integrate with the surrounding urban fabric, and strengthen links with the River Lagan.

Two of the key considerations of the Laganbank Quarter Development Scheme are HERITAGE and OPEN SPACES.
Electronic copies of the draft Laganbank Quarter Development Scheme, and the draft Strategic Environmental Assessment Report are available, please click on the links below.
Laganbank Quarter Development Scheme
If you wish to discuss the documents please contact: Suzanne Lutton, Regeneration Manager by email at or by telephone at 028 9250 9485.

Lagan Corridor Programme – Lagan Navigation Trust; Millbrook Huguenot Riverside Park

The Lagan Corridor Programme seeks to ensure the development of the Lagan Corridor, by utilising the river and its adjacent lands, in a sensitive, practical and co-ordinated approach.  This is a long-term programme involving Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council working in partnership with statutory bodies, businesses and local residents all of which are committed to bringing the river back to life. The Council's aim is to enhance the Lagan Corridor, developing a thriving area with a commercial, social and recreational vibrancy that meets the expectations of local residents and attracts visitors to the area.

Delivery of the Programme Provides:

  • Efficient and effective delivery of a high profile project
  • Strong partnerships brining different organisations together
  • Delivery of a strategy that will greatly improve Lisburn's riverside environment
  • A unique service in terms of Council driven commitment to riverside regeneration
  • Local provision of services and facilities supporting those provided by central government
  • Efficient and effective consultation with all user groups
  • Long-term delivery of projects based on building support and confidence of others to do likewise
  • Projects that maintain and build on incremental improvements

The full Lagan Corridor Strategic Framework can be viewed here.


Current Lagan Corridor Programme Initiatives

Lagan Navigation Trust - Lagan Navigation Trust liaises with a number of partners collaborating to progress the re-opening and revitalisation of the Lagan Navigation from Belfast to Lough Neagh. The partnership is formed between three local authorities: Belfast; Lisburn & Castlereagh and Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council along with the Department for Culture, Arts and Leisure; Northern Ireland Environment Agency; Ulster Waterways Group and the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland. Since its inception the Trust have developed an overall vision for the project and a dedicated Trust website which can be viewed at

The Trust produce a free visitor's guide to the Lagan Navigation. 'A Guide to the Lagan Navigation: Past, Present and Future' provides a wealth of information on the Canal's heritage, geography, wildlife and environment along the Canal from Belfast to Lough Neagh. It includes facts on the current activities, places of interest, suggested family days out and themed visits waiting to be discovered along the Canal for both visitors and locals alike. The Guide is available directly from the Trust or through the Council's Tourist Information Centres or can be viewed at the Trust's website.

The Trust partners are currently working to develop a full Re-Opening Plan for the Lagan Navigation along with carrying out a full Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment.