COVID-19 Business Survey Report

During lockdown the council set up a number of measures to support local businesses. One of these was an online survey in June to hear how they were operating during the pandemic and their future plans.

Over 200 businesses responded from across a number of sectors including manufacturing, retail, tourism & hospitality, professional services and construction. The health & safety of staff and customers was paramount to everyone.

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Effect of Covid 19 on Business Operations: 72% difficulty in accessing domestic Customers, 32% difficulty in applying social distancing, 30% availability of staff, 30% supply chain problems
Current Concerns: 92% stated that lost income is the current concern,  51% have reduced productivity, 44% staff availability and wellbeing, 38% are concerned about possible cessation of trading
Challenges to restart / continue business operations : 56% - Access to domestic customers, 50% - Conforming to social distancing rules, 43% - Protecting customer safety and 39% - Protecting employee welfare
Support Needs Business were asked what support would benefit them during the recovery phase. those most common were: 62% stated financial support,	49% stated support to find new domestic customers, Approximately 40% in equal measures stated, Support with protecting customer welfare and safety, Support with protecting employee welfare and safety

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