Business Webinars and Resources

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is delighted to present its Business Solutions resources for the benefit of all businesses within the Lisburn and Castlereagh area. These one hour webinars below feature a range of experts sharing key advice and tips to inspire your business to stay motivated and informed throughout the year.

Don’t forget! We can provide one to one mentoring and advice on any of the topics below (and more!) via our many FREE support programmes. Let us tailor the advice for YOUR business..

In the meantime, watch the bite size master classes below at a time that suits you:

Future Proof Your Business: Tips, Tools & Techniques to plan for 2021

Rewatch this highly practical session where Susan Hayes Culleton, “The Positive Economist” and managing director of the Hayes Culleton Group will take you on a whistle-stop tour of a range of small things you can do to make a big difference to your business… and quickly. Spanning the gambit of strategy, sales and finance, Susan will give you a range of tips, tools and techniques to make the best use of your resources, creativity, talent and time.

Watch the webinar: Future proof your business

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Content is King: Maximising Results/Engagement with Social Media Planning

Learn effective tips on how to maximize your social media engagement with action items that you can implement right away!

During this webinar, we address: 

  • What to Post Including Engaging Content Ideas & Best Practice
  • How to Engage with Others on Social media
  • How to Analyse Your Insights for Better Results!

Watch the webinar: Content is king

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Top Tips to Pivot in Retail

We're delighted to welcome The Retail Advisor, Melissa Moore to co-host this webinar, addressing the following themes:

  • Your ideal customer, how they have changed and the impact on your business.
  • The entire customer journey, making the experience easy and exciting.
  • Communication and engagement across all channels.
  • Selling tips and ideas to help you smash your sales in 2021.

Watch the webinar: Top Tips to Pivot in Retail

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Email Marketing Workshop: Create an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Learn how to build an effective email marketing strategy and build better customer engagement by joining our workshop. At the end of this course, you will have an understanding of the basic principles of email marketing and how this can apply to your business.

Watch the webinar: Email Marketing Workshop

Digital Tools For More Efficient Business

Every business can benefit from the unique insights and real world examples of Digital Transformation. Sign up to find out how other businesses are using digital tools to rethink their business models, and how you can do the same.

Watch the webinar: Digital Tools For More Efficient Business

Market to a Global Audience

This session is targeted to marketing leaders who are interested to hear first-hand on how digital marketing serves B2B companies in reaching out to its target audience, attracting it into the sales funnel.

Watch the webinar: Market to a Global Audience

TikTok and Instagram for Business

In this session we cover the latest social media craze - TikTok. TikTok is getting close to 2 billion installs and continues to be the #1 app on most app stores worldwide. Facebook recently launched Reels to directly compete with TikTok and its showing promising results with brands reaching millions of organic views. How can small businesses benefit from it?

Watch the webinar: TikTok and Instagram for Business

Digital Transformation for Small Business

We discuss what Digital Transformation is, what it means for your small business - even if it is only you! We give lots of practical examples of how you can change your business to take full advantage of digital processes to reduce costs, improve performance and increase sales.

Watch the webinar: Digital Transformation for Small Business

Google Adverts for Small Business

In this session we’ll go through, step by step, the key elements you need to nail your PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy in 2020. As Google continues to roll out new features and  the Google Ads interface becomes increasingly complex, we’ll look at a simple ‘checklist’ of items every Google Ads account should have to be successful - as well as some key tips and tricks to get the most from your ad spend.

Watch the webinar: Google Adverts for Small Business

Marketing in the New Normal, Create a Digital First Marketing Strategy

Every business can benefit from going through a rethink of how they marketed in the past and how they should market in the future. This talk is perfect for individual business owners all the way to marketing teams.

Watch the webinar: Marketing in the New Normal

Build a Complete Website with Wix: Website Development

Learn how to quickly build a great website in Wix - perfect for a complete novice or new starter. Get your brand online today!

Watch the webinar: Build a Complete Website with Wix

Website eCommerce: How To Set Up, Optimise and Sell with Wix

Understand the best way to create and optimise your eCommerce store on Wix - we will take you through best practice to maximise sales.

Watch the webinar: Website eCommerce

Marketing Your Website: How to get Customers to your Website with Wix

Understand how to best use all the marketing tools that Wix provide for your Website. Learn best practice and see how you can grow online.

Watch the webinar: Marketing Your Website