Connect Invest Transform

Our 10 year Investment Plan Proposition shaping the future of Lisburn Castlereagh 

Our 10 year investment plan proposition outlines the council's investment ambitions to meet the aspirations of our area and our residents. Taking a modern approach to develop key capital and infrastructure projects, community empowerment and economic growth will transform the future of Lisburn Castlereagh and mean better lives for everyone. 

At the heart of our proposed Investment Plan lies our Community Plan and it's vision, and we will build upon the five Themes set out in the Plan:

  • Children & Young People
  • The Economy 
  • Health & Wellbeing 
  • Where we live 
  • Our Community


Connecting the Community Plan (2017-2032) with our Corporate Plan (2018-2022),  and our Local Development Plan through a comprehensive Investment Plan sets out a new way of thinking for local government.. Our ambition is to create a new era for Lisburn Castlereagh. This is Your Investment Plan, Your future and Your Views matter. We asked you to read the Plan and share your thoughts with us. 

Read the consultation report following the public consultation Download the Connect Invest Transform Consultation Report

This is your Lisburn Castlereagh and together we will build a better future.​

  Download the Investment Plan Proposition

In partnership we will advocate for emerging opportunities

Digital will be a key factor in driving forward the council’s plans for transformation vision

Improvement of our infrastructure will be the building blocks to support long term economic growth

At the heart of our proposed Investment Plan lies our Community Plan and it’s vision