Recovery & Resilience Package

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With the over-arching aim of providing recovery, response and resilience support to every aspect of our local economy, our Business Recovery & Resilience Package is designed to stimulate and grow the Lisburn Castlereagh economy.

We will:

  1. Help our business base recover where we can and become more resilient
  2. Support businesses on their pathway to success
  3. Stimulate Entrepreneurship and early stage start-ups
  4. Support Social Enterprises
  5. Support Local
  6. Accelerate skills and employability opportunities
  7. Attract sustainable investment into our economy
  8. Ensure a network partnership approach to business advice and guidance.

So how can we help businesses right now during the Pandemic?

The free Recovery & Resilience Business Support Programme is being delivered as part of an overall package of economic support aimed at providing you and your business with the support you need at any one time. Working closely with you to assess what you need, we can offer you:

  • Expert mentoring support including managing your finances, generating sales and continuity planning
  • Practical advice to implement straight away in areas such as remote working and managing customer relationships from a distance
  • Access to critical funding
  • Webinars/Training on navigating the ongoing pandemic 
  • One to one guidance on adapting your business and winning new business
  • A clear and supported route to digitalisation and innovation
  • Equipping you with the skills and knowledge to recover now and build resilience for the future.

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