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Vitality Health & Fitness

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Vitality Health and Fitness GymDirect DebitCash
Gym induction*£5.90 & £3.20 (concession)
Casual use - Vitality Gym (includes use if competition pool , Health Suite extra)£5.90
Casual use - Health Suite (includes use of competition pool)£5.10
Casual use - Vitality Gym (Junior)£3.20
Casual use (senior citizen) - Vitality Gym£3.20
Casual use (disabled) - Vitality Gym£3.20
Junior Membership (12 - 18 years)£21.50£192.50
Senior Citizen Membership (60 years +)£21.50£192.50
Disabled Membership£21.50£192.50
Individual Adult Membership£34.00£384.00
Family Membership£72.00£789.00
Classes Only Membership (includes access to approximately 50 weekly exercise / relaxation classes)£22.00

Monthly gym memberships are not refundable.

*New users must pre-book an induction, which will be charged at standard casual rate.

* All Persons using the Vitality Spa area must wear flip-flops